Juergen Norbert Fux



“ My trademark is the Barcode“

Juergen Norbert Fux was born in 1975 in Anif, close to the city of Salzburg. He currently works
there as well as in Miami and Tel Aviv. The centre of his artistic work is the portrait photography.
Printed onto glass- plastic substrates, onto hides and skins which are either framed or supported
by steel and stainless steel – those materials create a complex, three-dimensional photo-object.
Inspired by his previous profession as a butcher, the artist Juergen Fux aims to focus within his
art to build a connection between humans and animals. Doing so, using his passion for portrait
photography printed on glass, cowhides and furs. This interplay allows the Austrian artist to
constantly employ his creativity within his works of art and this way, he keeps pace with his view,
which disarms us. In order to leave us in a position of being passively confronted by his chosen
topics, the artist motivates us to look at the entire picture and altercate with the meaning of
what’s beneath it.
The photographs are not only pictures. For him the pure imitation of a portrait is not interesting.
His aim is to break up the surface and show what’s underneath. This process is just as exciting
and complex as the final product of his art. Within his art, the photographed person itself is not
the main actor in the picture. He omits superficialities such as appearance or a contrived smile.
Juergen Fux goes deep into the human soul and wants to show it to the viewer. The face is only a
projection. Emotions are the real focus point in his works, which is based on an animal skin.
The "action" a different part of his artistic work, Fux sees it as a Metapher for the theme of
"man and beast", or even for burning issues. These, often spontaneous Performances are not to
be thought away from the art of Fux. Rather, they are an expression of his conscious political and
socio-critical attitude. Fux himself is always a part of the bustling Salzburger Society, so he takes
people and their behavior, or social events, (and it does not always love states) with its action art
on the grain.

Main ART stations 

Volkskunde Museum Wien / Museum Kempten / Bayrischer Landtag München ( Orangerie ) / Hofburg Wien

Red Dot Miami / Scope Mimai / ART Fair Köln / ART Basel

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Kulturschloß Walpersdorf / Schloss Gmunden / Kulturhaus Schwanenstadt
Kavernen Salzburg / Galerie die schöne Wien / Bachschmiede Wals / Saalbach / Bad Ischl,…

Hagen a. T. W./ Hamburg / BMW Pavillon München / St Gallen / Zürich / Frankfurt
Madrid / Berlin,….

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Mijas / Valencia / Marbella / Mallorca ( Spanien )
Saint Tropez ( Frankreich )
Toronto / Miami / Housten / New York ( USA )
Hongkong / London / Abu Dhabi / Peking,…….

Assistent:Mrs. Feichtinger Sabine
Address : Schloss-Straße 19, 5081 Anif ( AUSTRIA )
Email : assistent@fux-juergen.com
Phone : +43 660 3413778